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Cooled Incubator – JS Research, S Korea

  • JS Research, S Korea Excellent incubation in low temperature conditions for the applications BOD (biological oxygen demand) test, microbiology laboratories such as medical and veterinary; research and quality control examinations in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries and biotechnology Convenience & Safety Transparent tempered safety inner glass door Height adjustable shelves by 25mm increment Casters for easy movement. Dual over-temperature protection safety Electrical leakage cut-off. Precision Temperature Control Forced air circulation of chilled air by durable coaxial blower to achieve homogeneous heating and cooling dissipation throughout the chamber. From 0 ~ 60℃, ±0.2℃ accuracy and ±0.5℃ uniformity Digital PID controller enables 0.1℃ resolution and control. Equipped with wait-off timer, alarm, auto-tuning and in built temperature calibration function Durable and thouble-free stainless steel incoloy sheath heater Over temperature protection, over current leakage breaker Modern Design Eye level door mounted controller for easy access and recognition of operating temperature. Aero-dynamic design of air circulation from heating chamber located in back wall by vertical air flow achieve superior temperature uniformity. Round cornered edge prevents contamination from liquid spills and easy to clean

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